Our story

plugilo Inc, is a subsidiary of DCI AG based in the US, Silicon Valley.
We have a lot of experience since the beginning of the internet.
The development of plugilo takes place in Vietnam.
We work daily on the vision to eliminate the data chaos on the Internet and one
efficient networking of the industry with customers.

Market situation

All the information and data already exists on the Internet - the only question is where and how to use it effectively. Researching and filtering for relevant information is cumbersome and time consuming.
There is an information chaos with countless websites without certainty for accuracy and without uniform data structures. Search engines prioritize the results according to their own logic, which could be prepared by industry specialists much better and more targeted.


plugilo revolutionizes the organization of data and provides apps that are fixed to the user in the browser,
be anchored in the mobile phone or on the homepage. In addition, highlights and relevant websites can be selected and their own bookmarks organized. Industry specialists present target group-specific theme worlds, making navigation on the Internet much easier. plugilo provides an innovative solution to deal with the daily flood of information and will also enable automatic data exchange for business applications.


The aim of plugilo is to network company data and customer data. In the next step, granular data can be stored uniformly in the plugilo cloud for all websites. This includes essential information about the company, such as product data and news / newsletters, as well as the customer's personal information, such as current needs and interests. plugilo is being set up as a decentralized data hub on the Internet. With plugilo everyone can access reliable data and network with all sorts of systems / apps. It creates valuable links to the data owner, which are used for updates, communication and standardized services. Outdated copies of data and manual data collection are a thing of the past. The industry networks with the end customer across the entire supply chain - the "Facebook for Business" is created.

plugilo is based on internationally granted process patents.
The name "plugilo" and the plug symbol are registered trademarks in the USA, Europe and Asia. "plugilo" means in Esperanto "plow", which stands for improved harvest and higher yield. The word "plug" in the name represents a pun that combines the connection of plow and plug, thus describing the purpose of the plugilo networking.