An e-mail is enough!


Publication in real time!


Extremely high success rate!

Reach new customers by e-mail

plugilo offers the world's easiest and most effective way to publish content online! Just send an email to a specific email code address and your content will be published in real time via the plugilo widgets on the desired portals. you can reach new customers with your existing newsletter/push marketing without GDPR problems. 

plugilo widgets are permanently in view of the browser!
Your content is instantly opened by mouse-over with no clicks and long searches. This will push your business and also increase new registrations, e.g. for your newsletter.

Up to 80% success rate

The new currency "ActiveView"

An ActiveView presents the complete content of the advertising message in a direct preview - without leaving the currently selected website. The ActiveView closes the gap between CPT and CPC / CPO. The preview qualifies the real prospective customers in advance. The users who click on the preview have the highest level of interest and are more like leads than clicks. Conversation Rate is more effective with this method than WITHNOUT such effect. In addition, the advertiser can distribute the message with his logo free of charge and thus get free brand awareness. 

All highlights are in demand!

In addition to newsletters, all types of content can be published, whether microsites, landing pages, PDFs or videos




Product presentations





New customers

Example - plugilo widget


Ideal for newsletters!

Achieve new customers without GDPR problems and increase your sales and registrations. The range is scalable via performance or cross-marketing.

Cross marketing

Optionally, you can start actions with plugilo Cross Marketing: Under the motto "Together we are strong" every customer can network his partners. If both partners agree, the news will appear completely automated on the websites of the partners and vice versa. It creates complementary clusters for the same target groups and thus a free range for all partners is possible.

Also for product data

Manufacturers can network their product data across the entire supply chain.

The conversion rate is convincingly high and
Your success is guaranteed!


The content can be viewed and managed faster via plugilo than in the inbox.


Ideal for pushing newsletters limitlessly and for more registrations


An email and your message is automatically online - in real time, easy and direct.


All information can be published, any website, product data, PDFs or videos


Any amount of range - performance-oriented or
about cross-marketing


plugilo is based on internationally granted process patents.
The name "plugilo" and the plug symbol are registered trademarks in the USA, Europe and Asia. "plugilo" means in Esperanto "plow", which stands for improved harvest and higher yield. The word "plug" in the name represents a pun that combines the connection of plow and plug, thus describing the purpose of the plugilo networking.

Patented technology